Last February, announced, Altus is working on a Sequel to Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers Sleeves, and then after in the Year. As the Successor to the Series Soul Hackers and Devil Caller contains this new Title Elements of both Games, which Atlus says you have a new Story of Man and Technology to tell. Game Informer has an exclusive, an early Story and the Characters of Soul Hackers 2, as well as a Lot of Screenshots and Graphics that You can see below. So let’s find out a little more about the World and Characters of the long-awaited Soul Hackers Renaissance.

Soul Hackers 2 plays in the middle of the 21st century.Century, where a living being from Data named Aion and the World wakes up. As Aion discovered that the Fate of the World is in Peril, he sends two Autonomous Agents, the Fragments and body Achievements of Aions Spirit named Ringo and Fig, to earth, for two People to find and protect him, for the Salvation of the World, are indispensable. Unfortunately, and surprisingly for Ringo, Fig and the World, they are already dead beings.

The main protagonist of the Soul Hackers 2, Ringo, is practically a newborn who comes from aion and Life. Because they are Part of Aion is a lot of Nature’s ability, albeit on a smaller Scale. She has a strong Fascination for Man and Society, with Fig sharing, the other Agent of Aion, Ringo’s Older Brother acts. Fig is Ringo and the Rest of the Soul Hacker’s occupation expansion 2 behind the Scenes to support. With an inherent Aion in the Strength of the name of Soul Hack can Ringo exploit the Memories of the Dead for his contrition to trigger and bring you back to Life. She uses these Trick practices to Arrow to revive one of the expired Objectives, whose pass away from the impending Apocalypse, is essential.

Arrow is a Teufelsbeschwörer, the Power of Demons and the caller’s Yatagarasu-Group welcomes. He dresses in black and purple clothes and used in the Action reliable, a gun. Arrow has a strong moral code and must be passionate, although he otherwise, gentle and calm. In addition, these demon-caller will be joining the Team, so Ringo Soul will bring you back to Life and each resurrected Member of the Possibility of your Untimely pass away to consider. Other devil caller that you will meet are Milady, quiet, logical and efficient caller of the phantom society, black People used as a Weapon, and Saizo, romantic freelancer, whose Life a Member of the same Group was taken. Saizo wears an elegant white Suit and vibrates at the action of a Machine Gun. He often acts as an Intermediary between Teammates, if conflicts erupt, which are not on an Equal footing are.

The of above devil callers used weapons are called COMPs. These COMPs help when calling Demons and can be modified or with Objects, which for the Wearer of importance. Speaking of Demons, You can use some of the Artwork of different Demons, see above Soul Hackers 2, y complis serial mascot Jack Frost.

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