The Grappling simulation of WWE 2K can be Fun, but it’s something Satisfying, Shows to book Management Contracts and Wrestlers to draw, that’s why the MyGM Mode of 2K22 is attractive. I had to me with this recent Reinvention of the favorite mode of Fans to sit and my choice of Brand through a 15-week Evaluation War drive.

Conceptually, this Mode has always been an interesting secret. Pro Wrestling is by Nature a scripted Sport, and it also implies that the Characters represent authority figures, things on TV lead, but in real Life, no real Power. This raises the Question: Spelling, do you Show, in reality, from one Point of view, i.e. decide on the Results and who receives the coveted “Push”, or do you present Things from a less realistic Kayfabe-point of view? MyGM’s answer is “Yes”. Although the Contracts, Budgets and Schedules of Presentations and Orientations like a real Manager, You can also Screen character, directly on TV antics enter.

From a thematic point of view, I found it strange that the Superstar in a very real way Asks, as for Example, Permission for his baby face Heel Character to pass, just to have another Wrestler send You a Message and a Partnership suggests to take over the Brand, as if you are really angry would. As a GM, you can remain neutral or corrupt from the Character of some Careers to sabotage and other unfair can help. It also involves the Ring accompanying him to mingle in their Games. If You are a vile Boss of the Mr McMahon Style to hold, to surrender. But You can also less visible, impartial authority figure remain (think of Jack Tunny from the old School or William Regal from the NXT-Era), which I chose. The GMs, the Games are Available, include Adam Pierce, Sonya Deville, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon. You can also customize to a GM with the Creation Suiteuse.

From 15 to 50 Weeks, You can run Raw, Smackdown, NXT (2.0) or NXT UK. I opted for the original black and gold NXT Brand and I opted for a One-on-One Race with Stephanie McMahon guided from Monday Night Raw. My first Task was for my Superstars to design. The first Project is underway for eight Rounds, although They remain more Wrestlers to take under Contract, but only if You have a Budget (otherwise, You can use Your Money for other things, to save). Created Superstars can also Design Pools be downloaded.

The Construction of my Traumteams took a lot of Fun because of the Strategy, which it contains. Each Superstar has Commented for Endurance (as often it can happen before he is wounded) and Popularity, the In-Ring and Style of his current Face, and Heel Orientation. It is not enough just to big and expensive Name to sign. A balanced Roster of Heroes and Villains and a Healthy Diversity of Wrestling Styles are the Key. Finally, Styles do the Match-ups. For example, work very well with Cruise Weights, and Specialists can follow. I like it, that it led me, not only to my Personal Favorites to sign, because some of them, similar or Styles had. I found it well-advised, affordable, less known Talents, and you in the next Cena, or the next Rock to install. You won’t sweat it if You try to catch them. During the whole season, you can continue to develop, clicking Free Agents under Contract to take them and Legends for part-time contracts bring.

After I did my first live performance, it was Time, my first Show to book. To know how to start it can be overwhelming, that’s why I was very grateful for some Initial Tips my Chef and Triple H have. The Game requires Players to regularly text to give Advice and Feedback from Their Show to give what I have as a good Barometer for the feeling, which I had to do. It is also a special request, as a Commissioner-Goals, for Example, a special Talent for a Week in Exchange for valuable Power-Off Cards. This venal grant Benefits to Useful Skills like immediate Healing of toasted Stars, Granting a Scoring Match Boosts for Championship fights or Sabotaging a competing Brand by Doubling its Production costs. You earn money for new Power-up to buy Cards, while you play, and I found it very valuable to use them for my Show with a few helping hands to give.

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