It’s Time for Payment. For years, Bungie has taken on the potential of Destiny’s most devious villain. In recent months, this Situation has been revised. The Queen of the hive, named Savathûn, with all the intrigues that invade the events, slipped into the other’s story. Now the overthrow of the Witch Queen has finally been pronounced as the most valuable Resource of mankind, given its power-co-opted guardians, who use power for their own irreparable warriors.

With The Witch Queen, Bungie plays a story that has been spinning for a long time and uses this Storytelling Moment to bring new twists of the long-confirmed game model to the Passage, which represents a dramatic step towards adapting the game style for players. On the eve of the release of the expansion, we talked and read with the creative director of the project a few long-time players who had put Guardian back in the herd to return, and even newcomers in the coming months to wait.

“The villain Savathûn, the biggest enemy of the hive we’ve ever had, is at heart,” says James Tsai Art Director. “And it would not be the story of Savathûn if there were no towers. She is the god of cunning.”This focus on betrayal, hidden meanings and secrets does not stop there, because Savathûn is now revealing her true identity, and in the light that has entered. And it’s as if a special attention of the Witch Queen’s experience was to find the Ghost against a cunning enemy. “In fact, we also talked about riddles,” Tsai continues out loud. “The Gamerphantasia this time consists of being a psychological detective. You enter into this uncertain goal of this grotesque and twisted Wonderland scary and beautiful. What’s the secret here? What can you trust?”

This dynamic of the beautiful grotesque, that of Tsai, seems to be fully appreciated. Savathûn’s throne world is a new area for players to explore, full of secrets and combat skills in the different regions. the throne belt reflects the spirit of the Savathûns has opposites and is an ancient kingdom of the hive, recreated by the light that Savathûn flew, and which is blessed. “She has light, so she has this lush and well-kept Castle. Cool, sculptures, courtyards. It is not the typical area of the hive. Then you have these swampy Bayou area, they are not yet rebuilt with the light. And then there’s that underworld section.”There is even a new partnership activity for six people called Wellspring, in the passes of the throne Belt and fantasies that seem insurmountable when attacking the castle. Conceptually, the swamps represent the warmth and humidity of something new and different from what we have, so far the franchise has seen.

In this new landscape, Bungie has big plans to make the new landscape especially memorable. “We definitely call it the Destiny campaign,” Tsai says. “It’s about something the size of some of our end goals-the ambitions of the campaign itself. You are floating in this really cool set of environmental parts. Unforgettable encounters require a lot of thought and understanding. Puzzles for players to bring into the campaign. In this version there is really a new focus on the campaign.”

The new interest of the campaign is also in new game styles. The classic experience plus, the mythical player’s version of the countryside locations. This results in more enemies, larger and larger health pools, increased action modifiers, and improvements in dark areas to ensure that players cannot minimize the experience. In return, players expect personalized rewards with equipment packages for their guards in the upgrade modules for RAID preparation and even the possibility of exotic drops.

The legendary campaign also offers a new approach to the size of the shooting squads, adjusting the content of enemies and the number of guards in their playgroup. “We want to make sure it’s not a bad way, but to play,” Tsai says. “You just want to play, you do. Want to play with friends? They have the same difficult experience and the same achievements.”

Whether the difficulty is classic or legendary, players should expect from a great challenge to a constant level, the terrible Browbeat of Lucent bread. While players still faced the whole clique of Hive opponents for years, the powers of Savathûn strove to add new variants to strengthen light. As the guardian of the universe, Lucent waves bread Supers and rises from the dead after defeat. “It really changes the sandbox of experience against you,” Tsai says. “It’s not like you’re trading a hive with new weapons that you owe to those skills.”

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