We have the first Details of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok a few Months ago with News about the Odyssey, Crossover of the Game. The extensive, 35-hour Extension follows Eivor in the Form of Odin by the Zwergenreich Svartalfheim, recently, was raided. Odin actions through the Magma that Muspel and the Ice-encrusted Jotnar and tries to defeat Feuerriesen Surtr, to save them diverted from God Baldr.

Another month before the release of Dawn of Ragnarok, we watched the Expansion. The unique Mythological Adventure must be a unique Experience. “The Expansion of the Game Experience to refresh and the Vikings-Fantasy until after in Norse Mythology expand into it,” explains the Producer of Mariana Gosteva. Let’s hope that this gives Fans of almost two Years of Gaming, the Reason, the Controller in the Hand.

In our preview, we started, aptly, with a leap of faith from the Tip of a massive Dwarf statue. The greenery of the Countryside of which has seen the usual misunderstanding, until the Camera is with Gold laced Mountain in all directions. Behind her, a Sky full of Branches of Yggdrasil. The Player can choose from Odin in Dawn of Ragnarok a man or a woman wants to do, but whatever Your Decision, Odin has not much Time to visit. The Jotnar and Muspel have already Svartalfheim spread.

A new Wild Boar Mount appears, decorated with a complex Nordic Pattern Network, ready to God in a Shelter center to bring. Filled with Dwarves, the Refuge from the invasion of the Armed Forces, to search, characterize the Refuges of the Map and act as a hub for Players, purchasing Equipment to upgrade or complete the Quests wish. These expandable, Durable belongs to the Hugr-Rip, a powerful tool is indispensable, especially for this Extension was developed and Odin allows different Enemy Forces to accept.

The five Forces in Dawn of Ragnarok are separate and impressive as Skills or know-how and allow Odin, the other Feats to be accomplished. For these Forces to activate, you need a special Ledge to build, clicking Hugr arenas. An interesting way to do this is to participate in a place of worship of Yggdrasil to stop and Tree-world, A lot of Odin Health sacrifice for the Energy needed to get. In the Preview, we see these Forces, for the first Time in Action, while Odin the City Uldar is looking for – a Muspeln invaded Zwergenbergstadt.

Uldar nestled on a mountainside shiny gold, and has a Main entrance, a long Bridge that precedes. In order not to defend himself from Enemies, to find out, to finish Odin a great Bird and snatch from him the Strength of the Raven. This may be the God of the Creature Form accept and distrust City by plane, but you can not fly forever. Forces last as long, as the clock at the bottom right displays, so pass on that Time does not run out, if you through the Sky, fly.

There is also a Strategic Element for these Forces to be acquired. Although the Forces of most Enemies can save the Levels are scattered, can Odin only two at the same time. While the Preview continues, we see it, as Odin, the Force of Muspelheim, will take place, allowing Players to get a fire Muspelheim. In this Form, you do not Mold them. Enemy Creatures stop action, if You are in full action transform, and You can also Lava run. In the Demo quickly plunges an Enemy with the Force of Rebirth on the revived defeated Enemies, to action for You. Because Odin already has the Power of Raven and the Power of Muspelheim, the Player must decide which Power he wants to keep. So the Question is: Do you want a kind of undead, the Army, the Ability to fly or Lava-Walking?

The action against the Hordes of the City also offers us the Possibility of a new Weapon and a new Feindtyp to try. Fans in Dawn of Ragnarok, to plunge into your Arsenal of an Atgeir, a vicious-looking two-handed weapon, add. It is convenient against formidable Opponents, like the Flame in the Muspel-Series. This huge new Enemy has the unfortunate Ability to defeat Enemies to constantly revive a Stream of Exploding Minions to call him in a meaty melee and shoot you.

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