The battle of the light against Savathûn and your needle race, it has been relegated to the recent Destiny 2 expansion, from the Hexenkönigin, increasingly clashing in the Sentinel against their hive counterparts of forces similar to those we have. At a recent event, we never saw gameplay on Savathûns Thronwelt considered one of the most important for the Hexenkönigin. We also got an overview of the versatility of a new weapon called a Sword, as well as an additional tour, such as creating our own weapon appearance.

Our event started with a screening of the recent Vidocs that you can see above. These are trials and difficulties, the guards undergo in the action against Savathûn, as well as for the new toys at our disposal. The Hexenkönigin has an army of guards, access to the same classes and powers as us. We did this during a demo gameplay seen firsthand, as our Demoist was pushing on a bow before the action started, in his Super burst and lightning shot forward, hoping to catch our guards with his deadly thrill.

Savathûn’s guards, we Ghost groups, can revive these stubborn enemies. This gives a strange moral test moment for the last enemy to eradicate it. In order for each of these vivid guards to fall into the expansion, we need both the spirit and The Guardian to extinguish it. We were aware of the importance of the spirit to us, so we need a final blow so that the spirit takes action and brings life out of it.

The demonstration, as we have seen, took place during the second expansion mission, from the magnificent view of the magnificent cathedral in the light green Savathûns, an ivory structure in the throne world. The white surfaces, with blood-red accents around the flower bed/decor, give the region a unique, wild and majestic look from afar. However, upon closer examination, the large, high texture, architecture of the Hive is known. However, the cathedral is just one of the areas that vibrate us so you can explore it. Other parts of this new site are becoming less and less … compile. On the way to the edge of the cathedral, the terrain turns into a muddy and damp swamp. In this swamp, the whole throne world saw the light rise again for Savathûn.

During the demo, the mission talked about Bungie on the new legendary, the expansion was produced. It will be difficult and Lot-vétérans or corresponding recommended, Your missiles, especially like par. Players can set up their own campaign at the legendary first start of the season, in front of the Sauter à Travers Les bandes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via. We will try to answer them as soon as possible and we will contact you as soon as possible. Luge, difficulty offers more devious enemy encounters, and action with great manifestations, double rewards and the most powerful equipment standard campaign mission.

The sword, a new weapon archetype, on the Triple Duty action field, also comes with this expansion. The Shape of a rush weapon with a long handle and a short blade on the head, the Nahkampfpotenzial sword. Unlike the Sword, The Sword of a Melee weapon, the Camera in the first person of the judge. This is because it is also a ranged weapon, capable of shooting the projectiles of the Blades. Bungie, the developers stated that it should be used for shots while closing the distance before the enemies with the Nahkampfstich are done. What the sword is not clear is their defensive potential. When hitting your Guardian build energy into his sword which you can spend by making a shield to fix the conciliatory balls and distract strikes. It provides interesting interactions not only in PvE scenarios but also in the Crucible or other PvP modes.

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