Kirby returns after this month with the new 3D Platformer of the Adventures of Kirby and the Forgotten Land on Nintendo Switch. She Kirby transported to another World, far from her Home on the Pop Star, the Place, at least in the first Levels of the Earth looks very much. There in titleholders Forgotten Country Kirby owes all his precious Copying skills and some new Tricks, like the very meme-enabled Swallow mode for this change of Environment to explore and survive. This Week I have the first Game World, to find out, as Switch Owner today in a new Demo allows to play them now in the Nintendo eShop is.

Let a Kirby Game, for a post-apocalyptic Environment charming and delightful to render, despite the harmful Effects of the a complete absence of Environmental Civilization. I had the very first World playthrough, the successor, Urban overgrown called Natural Plains. Levels, such as Meadows, in the City Center and the visit to the Alivel Mall show, despite the Degradation of Buildings and Roads, many Signs of life. Moss, Vines and Grass have the Right to benefit from Concrete and steel collected during the Wildlife, as the new adorable dog-like Enemies named Awoofies, instead of those who are established in these leaved Buildings built and lived or worked. Many Walls and Streets are cracked and fragile and offer Kirby in many Places where he can get stuck and break, for hidden or secret Areas of Objects to be found.

During this new Kirby Adventure of a Break in his 2D Roots which represents for 3D Control and Realistic Environments, it looks more like Mario 3D World, Mario Odyssey. Kirby presentation Set of movements is more or less always the same. He can run, jump, inflate and in the Air, for ever more Areas to reach. And Kirby can, of course, still consume Enemies and spit out their Star Essence, to inflict Damage to Enemies. He takes advantage of these Linear Level Movements to pass, Kirby, from the Beginning to the End of the Platform or Environmental Puzzles to solve Enemies, and devour them, and on the Way Forces to get them. I was worried, Kirby, of course, floating Command in a complex 3D World, but in a few Minutes, that I forgot Land in the Hands, were my Concerns quickly put aside. Everything Kirby does – Running, Jumping, Floating and Vacuuming Goods, feels tight and most importantly accurate. Accuracy is important in many Forces, the Kirby by Copying skills and even on the new Swallow mode can accept.

The Swallow mode is quite charming as in the trailers of. For the uninitiated, maybe Kirby some Objects to consume, from the are too big for him to chew you could Kirby pink Skin around this curious Trick, and somehow Control these oversized Snack apply. The Swallow mode is set up, if Kirby a rusty Racket of a Car, inspire and its Shape on the Body and Hood stretches, but the Bottom of the Chassis and Wheels uncovered. From there I was able to drive the Car to the Level, through the Noise Walls and with a sick Tire combustion boost, Jumps over the Gaps to do.

Kirby insatiable appetite begins and ends, but not for Cars. The Swallow mode is everywhere in the Natural Levels of Levels. If he has a vending machine of growls down, Kirby turns into a large waddling Cashier, a Limited Amount of Drink Cans from his Mouth can shoot, while a Staircase in his Esophagus pushes and hard-to-reach Levels, reposition platforms can. Or it can be used to knock down and Crates or crush Enemies. Who said that the Stairs just one can? The Swallow mode may seem at first glance like a Gimmick-looking dish, but I have so far felt entertaining secret Component. I have these Forms rarely kept for a while, because a lot of Mobility significantly limit. Fortunately, his Copying skills remain in Swallow mode, the Bread and Butter by Kirby Arsenal.

These Attributes, Enemies or Elementary objects Levels are absorbed, turning our Heroes into the Essence of what he ate. Classic Copying skills like a Fire, Cutting, Sword, Ice and Bomb are all in the Opening world of Natural Plains, although these strikes a little more nuanced than their previous Iterations. For example, if You Attack Button press with a Bomb are equipped with it, an explosive cocktail Bullet in the Direction thrown into the Kirby displays. For even more Fun and Destruction, I would like Bombs in all Directions to spread it everywhere and in abundance cause Destruction. If You are stationary (or in the Air) and the Attack Button is pressed, a bulging Target reticle triggered, the Precision throws of the Sky to rain, where I want it. Almost every Copying skills has different Movements of the Optimizations situation to make it Fun to discover and use them.

New Kirby Copyability list and, in these first playable Levels, is a Force called Rangers, the Kirby with a gun-like endows the Weapon in each Direction forward to shoot. There is also a Charge attack, with the Kirby the Projectile in any Direction, and a large Projectile on a specific Area to shoot it down, can. This is a good and unique Ability in Shooting scenes, fully used for the Secrets hidden in the Levels to unlock or a Villain from the other Side of the Stage to catch. My Skills in these Skills have been in a number of demanding Levels of Treasure Road name tested.

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