Originally, the VR-Adventure with the charming and yet impressive Mouse Quill came four years ago. Virtual Reality is a Technology in this Period, increased by leaps and bounds, which is an Extension of the well-recorded Title a pleasant moment of relaxation Announces. This is especially true if we the possible Release of the PSVR2 are running on it, although Moss: Book 2 for the Hardware of the next Generation is planned. However, there may be News on this Front in the coming months.

In Vorschaumaterial, we saw the little Adventurers a few Moments after the end of the first Part. During your Trip a Garden outside the Castle, where his Uncle saved Pen works and Players for several Obstacles to overcome. One of the new features, for this Title, is the Player’s Ability, from Vine to breeding, with which Quill Surfaces to climb or Chasms can cross. According to the Developers of the Game is inspired by this second Chapter, several Hours more Content than the first will really contain the Interactions between the heroic Rodents and the Players, and a lot of new Elements reflect this.

You can also get on the charges of Weapons in the Game it has, one of which is a large – for a Hammer Mouse. In another revealed Foundry Area, which is located under the Castle and dominated by Pipes and Rocks, the Hammer of several Uses. With this Blunt Instrument, You can eliminate Obstacles, trigger Switches or action Enemies, which gives Players a lot of Variety should offer. Learning different Abilities and Hammer Devices in the Course of the Game, explains Polyarc, gives Players good Reasons to previously visited the Areas to revise.

The Virtual Reality is based on Sequel is scheduled for in two Weeks, but the Team first has something for the Fans. A limited edition Moss: Book 2-Poster (see above) is available now from Amazon. A new Adventure begins on the 31st. March, so to Post or not, be ready.

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