Persona 4 Arena Ultimax returns triumphantly with new Ports that will be released next week on PlayStation 4, PC and Switch. I had the game in my hands the last few nights and I had been struggling to understand again this new Version of the Pseudo-sequel to the Persona 3 and 4 Action series and the mechanics of the Arc system work.

Well, what is the port of Ultimax and different from the previous Version on PS3 and Xbox 360? That is, this is Persona 4 Arena Ultimax with everything that has ever been released for the game on consoles, with something special. The full DLC is included in the package, including all downloadable characters, colors and voice animations. The peculiarity of this Version is the addition of the balance of changes made to the Arcade Version, which have never been implemented on consoles, including improving the competitiveness of the treasure character. For those who like The history of P4A, you want these changes not to mean much, but for fans of fighting games there is a revised and new balanced list of wrestlers, there are new things to learn and discover.

If you’re a fan of Persona es, the first time storytelling comes to the arena, this pack is the best way to experience it. It is not only the full story of Ultimax, which includes The Voice of the Persona 4 type play dialogues, with intermittent matches against the processor, but also the entire history of the creation of the Persona 4 Arena. The game includes useful features for newcomers to action games, for example, striking car combos by pressing a button are in progress. There are also gestures that can be activated, by a pressed attack button, a counter that is currently loaded and released so that the movement makes it work. These last keystrokes against AI controlled players will be done but to do wonders to help the players through the action in history and fashion.

Another important change to Ultimax is not yet available and will only be available in a few months. Online, Netcode has revamped and restored the upgrade solution this summer, which usually offers a more dynamic experience as the native code management-based comes with the game. How to touch the online game, I could in my old days with Ultimax, unfortunately, did not try to take action remotely.

Otherwise, this is the version of Ultimax as expected. It’s still the same four-button wrestler with a stylish personality for casual players and is accessible to more serious players with a lot of depth. It also acts as a double sequel to two different Persona titles, putting Fans of their favorite characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4, in the same envelope for a new riddle to solve, the midnight canal and even the sleeping city. I urge those of you who are new to Persona 4 Arena to remember Kim Wallace from Ultimax watch because I think that is still true for this version of the game. For those still in the P4 arena to start, this version, which will be released on March 17 from PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, is a good reason to try again.

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