The Borderlands Franchise has Players, four campaign modes, a lot of Downloadable Content, several Spin-off Games, and even an upcoming feature Film from Hollywood A-List Talents ordered. But perhaps the Characters of the Series for these Performances of the utmost Importance. Along the Way, the Players have Claptrap, Lilith, and the Handsome Jack taken, the Players have captivated and have led you to wonder what is the next step in the wild World of Borderlands that could happen.

Few Characters are memorable like Tiny Tina, 13 years old, Explosives expert, in the second Game was presented. Now that the Borderlands Franchise itself prepared, after this Year, 13-year-old Gearbox passes the Reins of its ambitious new Spin-Offs about the Character, a lot of Heart has conquered (and probably also many prevented from beating). We have for hours with Tiny Tina Miracle country busy and with the Team talked, to understand the reasons for this unique Orientation to the Franchise, both for Gearbox and for the loyalty of Fans of the Series also exciting Adventure.

Little Tina, big Ideas

Tiny Tina, voiced by Ashly Burch, proved to be an immediate hit with Fans. You will soon have their own Campaign for Downloadable Content for Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina strike on Dragon Keep. This DLC, transports Players into a Game with “Bunker & Badasses”, Pay to Dungeons & Dragons, where Tiny Tina as unpredictable “Bunkermeisterin” acts.”Thanks to Tina’s funny and unreliable Narration, High Fantasy Comic Themes and References to fictional Games and Movies applies Assault on Dragon Keep considered one of the best Dlc in the History of the Series.

The Gearbox Team pointed out that the player base, and not only Tiny Tina as a filmed Character, but also the Table Insignia of Assault on Dragon Keep, and the Duality of a Game inside a Game enjoyed. The Team had the Feeling that there is only scratched the Surface had, to find out what kind of Mechanical striking Raiders Environment could do it.

“It was clear to us very, very early on that there is much more than just an Add-On to another Game,” says Creative Director Matt Cox. “With the Fantastic, striking game Looters and the Character of Tiny Tina the Ceiling was much higher and has a Treatment to earned.”

Gearbox wants this new unique Effort of Tiny Tina’s Experiences strike on Dragon Keep DLC to offer, but with a low barrier to entry. As this is a full-fledged Story and is called Wonderlands enter without the Tradition, or the History of Borderlands know. However, Fans were able to, however, several Allusions to Characters from Borderlands World to notice.

Although self-contained, Adventure, keep Tiny Tina Wunderland many Conventions and Mechanics so that Players have become familiar, and extends it over several entertaining Species. Wonderlands plays in a Rich D & D-similar, but Weapons are still at the Heart. New types of Weapons are inspired by Fantasy, magical Elements, Barrels, recharge You with fairy powder and crossbow tiles sprinkle with their Damage multiply according to the number of Bolts of You an Enemy of the rod.

Combat encounters, however, are more diverse Business, because Magic play an important Role. The spells change the Way the experience approach, significantly, and work in Conjunction with the funny marksman and wild Weapons with which Borderlands Fans are already familiar. Now you can not only Enemies with the last and the best Prey that you have won, projections, but also Cracks in the Ground to open it, call Animals to action them by your side, and even Protective enchantments for you and your Allies act. These Spells like the Grenades of the Main series, because an Equipment slot and Button for you, but you have a Cooldown and a Variety of Effects.

“We knew that we wanted to update these Looping Looters on, for the Idea of this somewhat unique Fantasy world, and we thought that these Spells would absolutely be a great way to achieve this,” says Senior Producer Kayla Belmore. “We really want you in power, and as a Touch Action Ability. This allowed the Weapons, still really to shine and the Stars of the Show, but another Part of the action, to feel it really special and unique felt. And you know what, who doesn’t love huge Meteors from the Sky to call and your Enemies to finish them?”

Melee also receives an upgrade to Wonderlands’ action system. Melee weapons are no longer as a last resort solution thought out, if an Enemy approaches too close, but now own Equipment slot. Melee weapons like Loot picked up and have several Attributes with which You exploit Synergies and Your action style to customize Their Play style can. I had the opportunity to see how all these big Ambitions on the internet come together, as I have a Preliminary version of Tiny Tina Miracle country launched.

Be creative

The Differences in the Gameplay, in Tiny Tina Miracle country go much further than the Spells and the improvement of Melee weapons. The Gameplay Structure combines the Inspiration of the Role-playing Team and the good Borderlands Formula.

Directly from the Gate, the Players, you notice that now their own Characters, instead of the Borderlands Convention, four new Characters to Choose from to give. Although I did not have the Opportunity of my own to create, have seen and resonated with the two Characters who I played, very different.

In this new Creator allows Players of different Personalities to select, before going out of two voice prints, to select the Height of a Slider to adjust. Since the six Classes of characters to the Appearance are separated, Gearbox is pleased, to the Players the Opportunity to give the Identity of the Character is not as closely to your Style of Play to link. This Idea was inspired, as Dungeons & Dragons, the other Fantasy Games, and even JRPGs picked up. But at its core, was this passage of the Main series, which the Team the Football Player wanted to play whoever he wants.

“The Player to allow himself to express himself, has been for many People, as a Team is very important,” says Belmore. “We really want the Players yourself, your Fantasy Yourself or something completely Original and can make up, if you feel like it. It’s all up to you and what you see and what you want to do. This is something very special for us.”

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